Friday, June 24, 2016

Explanations of Absence

OKAY SO THIS GRAPHIC HAS A TYPO *becomes a hermit*

HELLO it has been ridiculously long since I posted. You guys deserve to know why.
Life has been freakishly crazy recently. A few weeks ago I visited a school in the bush with some friends and we had a ton of fun ministering to those children. I've been having some trouble spiritually so I was stopped up creatively.
ALSO the biggest reason I haven't blogged was that my computer broke(basically my tiny little siblings threw it) and it was broken up until yesterday. I'm horrible at writing on my Kindle or phone so I just abstained from blogging while my computer was broken. 
So here's the scoop about the blog. I don't have a ton of computer or internet time every day, especially when it comes to the monthly posts. So I will still have a post linking to every post posted that month, plus my TBR and bookhaul and Life Updates.
Mainly what's changing here is the wrap-up. I read a lot every month, and tracking down each book, my rating, and what I thought is sooo time consuming. So I'm going to stick a poll on the top of the blog for y'all to vote. I can either post a post once a month with my favorites of the month and recommend them OR I can stop posting that. 
Also I don't get a lot of writing done so this summer I'll continue with a monthly Writing Update but then they might taper off to bi-monthly? I'm just trying to figure out a system that's easy to maintain but also keeps a lot of fun and interesting content posted a few times a week. 
I have some fun ideas for posts but I need opinions. Did you like the BookTube Tags series? Or the Ryebrynn Recommends post? 
PLEASE TELL ME if you like a post. It helps me hone my creative content down to stuff y'all will enjoy.

ALSO I'M GUEST POSTING on sometime this week with advice on writing reviewssss! It shall be fun and is kind of the unofficial sequel to Becoming a Book Blogger

I promise I'm going to try and blog more. BUT I NEED YOU TO TELL ME WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE. If there's something you want to see that I haven't done? COMMENT IT BELOW. If I've done something before that you liked? COMMENT IT BELOW.

AND THANK YOU. y'all are literally the best.

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  1. I liked the BookTube tags series. And I'd say that if you turn the Monthly Wrap-Up into Favorite Reads of the Month, you don't really need the Ryebrynn Recommends series as well.

    1. Thank you for your opinion and for stopping by!