Thursday, October 31, 2013

Malia Wind

Malia is Gwendolyn's sister. They are in my tale, Two Sisters.

Naturally assume this blog post is boring.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My First(and NOT my last) Post about BBC Robin Hood: Marian of Knighton Hall--And some of Robin of Locksley

First, Marian--

Then a Robin

The end!


Monday, October 28, 2013

November: Novels, Nostalgia, and a National Holiday

November is on the verge of "here". What comes with this new November? Novels! Nostalgia! A National Holiday!
May I elaborate?

Novels: NaNoWriMo! The one month where us writer gather together and write 50k in 30 days. Am I crazy enough to repeat my past actions and do it again? Aye! I will do NaNo this year. What am I writing? If y'all might recall, last year I wrote a book named Project ASKIO. Over the time between last November and this, I wrote the book after Project ASKIO, Return to Aelsu. This year, I am writing the final book in the series, and, if I'm crazy enough, I may write a sequel to the series later on, which take place almost fifteen years or more after this year's novel. What 'tis the name of the novel I write this year. It is temporarily dubbed Down to the Facts. Jake says it sounds like a dry non-fiction work. I'm probably going to change the title later on. Here is the synopsis I dug up from my imagination for this tale:


One and a half long and anguished years have passed since the demise of King Gradenol—and Aelsu's beloved hero, Princess Velaine. Kialess is struggling to overcome her past, while her comrades remain unawares—for she cannot dare tell them, lest they react with vigorous shock, leading to horrible choices.
Erellon, along with the rest of Aelsu are still mourning Princess Velaine, Erellon perhaps the most. But when a new villain arises, they all must abandon their shortcomings and put their trust in God and the mysterious Lady Averdeen, who seems to know more about their villain then they do.
When Lady Averdeen collapses in court, all visitations to her are banned by Astara, Palace Amria's resident healer. Questions arise about Lady Averdeen, and Erellon goes to figure out what happened to Averdeen, and ask her where her true loyalties lie.
Meanwhile, Auger Edmeire and his wife, Leanne, have figured out something that lurks in the catacombs beneath Palace Amria. They journey to seize the Palace, and it falls to God and Palace Amria's large library to find out what this thing as. All the have to go by is that it's powerful.
Powerful enough to tear a kingdom—a whole world—apart. Billions of lives hang in balance, and the heroes must save their world once again, in this stunning conclusion to L. Grace Buller's Chronicles of Alleure.

That does it for "Novels".

Next, "Nostalgia"!

Nostalgia: November is the month when we first arrived in Liberia, West Africa. Not much else to say, except that I stayed up all night, and that that day will mark the two year line on our living here.

Next, "A National Holiday"!

National Holiday: Thanksgiving is coming up. Pilgrims, turkey, pumpkin pie, and a lot of eating! Gotta love that holiday. And, in honor of it's coming up, I'll post a video:

Well, enjoy your November.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?
Do you need advice on how to survive it?
What are you writing for it?


Friday, October 11, 2013

Liebster Award

*Link back to the blogger who tagged me.
*Answer the ten questions he gives me.
*Nominate ten others and ask them ten questions.
*Let those nominees know they were tagged.
I was nominated by Scarlet Raptor for the Liebster award. 
1. What is your current project?
My current project is temporarily called Two Sisters
2. What is your main character’s name?
I have two. Malia and Gwendolyn.
3. What is your main character’s fears?
Malia has a lot, but Gwen is afraid of losing those she loves.
4. How far are you in your latest project/book?
I'm about 22k in, and it's only going to be about 30k.
5. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
Yes! I wouldn't miss it.
6. If so, what are you aiming for?
I'm going for 50k, as always.
7. List your five favorite books
Those are classified, since I cannot decide.
8. What is your characters strengths?
Gwendolyn is brave, and Malia is encouraging.
9. What does your Character like doing?
Gwendolyn loves archery. Malia loves reading.
10. In your latest project, has anyone died yet?
Gwendolyn faked her death, but then ______ did really die....
Now for my questions!
1. Are you a writer?
2. What genre do you write?
3. What is the name of your first novel?
4. What is the name of your main character from any of your stories?
5. What makes people like your character?
6. IS your character likable?
7. Do you like your character?
8. Is my puppy annoying?
9. Are blue frogs pink?
10. Do you understand the understanding that understands what I understand to make you understand?

I tag:
Everyone who reads this. That should be around ten people, right?


P.S. I'm back in Africa!