Thursday, December 27, 2012

Alive? Alive is good.


As of this Sunday, who knows.

If I am not on by Monday, naturally assume I am dead or delayed in posting.

Over and Out,

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sickly Stoppings

My work renovating has come to an abrupt stop. Typhoid has come to call, along with it's deadly sidekick, Malaria. Yup.


Yup. SICK. With Typhoid, Malaria and a cold. Sixty pills for ten day. Calculating, Six pills a day. Ugh. And that's only the TYPHOID treatment. 
For Malaria, I have to take a pill I fancy is the size of a tum, Folic Acid, Ibuprofen, and Amoxicillin. UGH.

Boring days. And the huge pill is ACT and makes me loopy. At times I am energetic want to laugh my head off for no reason and at other times I am REALLY tired and feel like weeping.


Not fun. :(

Over and Out sickly,
-Ryebrynn Lyla Shveer Crossblade, The Crazy and Explosive

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Renovations Part Three

Today we worked.

The End,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Renovations Part Two

To summarize this post:
Renovations Part Two.
We've gotten started on scraping, bleaching, and, hopefully, painting all the walls. The roofs are over the rooms, but now the roofers have the Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Dining Room, and a few others. x| I'm tired. Period. I actually ended up taking a NAP today. That was HORRIBLE. Then I awoke and figured out that Manny and Vren were eating all the Caya. So I rescued it. And ate it.... Did I mention we bleached the walls? x|

Tiredly and messily signed,

Monday, December 17, 2012

Renovations Part One

Stinkin' work. Done it all day. On this house:

'Nuff said.

-Ryebrynn(the crazy)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Randomness From My Desk

Hey'a to most of my blog readers it's five or six in the morning, but it only eleven AM here. So if you're thinking: "She's so crazy for posting so early on a Sunday morning!" then you know it's not early here. :)
First I am reaching the subject of what I have done. I read to a book (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), to see why most of my friends liked it. The results, however, of my opinion say it's a no stars out of five stars. It was a terrible book.
Next we speak of animals.
Our dogs:

Merry is a small dog, about a few inches above my calf and a few inches below my knee. Merry has some kind of bug in his ear, so if he itches it, he yelps. He also has the sharpest claws of out dogs. Merry has short hair.
Sam is our big guard dog, though he is only a bit smaller than my grandpa's dog. He has a pretty deep bark, though he only uses it every once and awhile. He isn't very smart, even though Mom says he's the smartest of our dogs. Once Pippin and Sam were sitting by the door. I chased them outside, but sadly, Sam turned and ran into the door and Pippin ran outside. So, thus, we can gather Sam isn't as smart as Mom says. Sam has short hair.
Pippin is the proud one. He's a bit bigger than Merry and loves to attack Sam and Merry. Sam always turns on Merry, but he never attacks Pippin. If I come outside, it's Pippin who turns and chases the others away. Pippin has long fur.
Overall, they're a motley group of mutts, jealous of each other at times, but we still love them.

Our cats:
Our cats our quite original group of kitties. Most of the time I observe it's like they drank coffee as kittens, mostly because they are small, and also almost fully grown. But, hey, who knows? Maybe they'll have a late growth spurt. 
Ninja is the biggest. She's crazy, but we guess it's because when she was a kitten she had a seizure. She's quite one for cuddling, though, half-way through she'll nip the person on the nose. She's light gray with dark gray stripes and has pretty green eyes. She's my favorite, though I don't know why. She's nicknamed Ninjeo by my siblings.
Cess is the glutton. She's also the fattest, shyest, and the one with the softest fur. She's most likely part calico, which I think is just awesome. She's my second favorite, which goes unexplained considering she avoids me. She has an uncanny appetite for popcorn, especially when it's coated in sugar, cinnamon, and oil. She's nicknamed Cessy by me.
Chai is the skinniest. She eats less then the others, and is more prone to like strangers. She loves to rub against the dogs, which most of the time makes Sam bite her. She is white with spots. Her nickname is Chai-dye
Schnitzel is our "brave" kitty. She was the only one who came out and ate while Liberians had our house in August. She gets scared easily, and is like a younger twin to Ninja. She does, after a bit, get slightly cuddly. Whenever Ninja's around she starts purring.
Our cats have a strange thing we call "The Carpet Cult". It's when they all gather on Alex's rug and rub their faces into it for extended amounts of time. They end up slowly going away and Schnitzel is usually the last one there. 
Life at it's normal.

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there."

Over and out,
-Ryebryn(The crazy)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bananas, bananas, go, go, bananas!

Bananas, peoples. Bananas are good. I love bananas. Mashed up and mixed with two spoonfuls of peanut-butter. No kidding. So I decided to make a joke.

And then just a random picture. :)


'Nuff said.

Over and Out,

Sadly, tomorrow...

Sadly, tomorrow my dear friend, Anthony Weedor, leaves for America. And then it'll get really boring here. *sigh*


P.S. I promise I'll blog something good soon. How about getting 27 followers first?

Friday, December 14, 2012


The post name is a summary of today. Dull. And I took a nap. Whoo hoo(not)...... I'm actually quite angry about my nap and proceeded to scold myself. Anyways, I woke up feeling tired and now, oh, guess what? I'm tired.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Back..... *groan*


Okay, guys. hate to break it to you, but I have Typhoid again. Take notice of the title. Yuppers, sixth time. Can't figure out how it happened though. I'm soooo careful(NOT)..... Uh, yeah. Okay, so I do have a small idea of how it happened. I'd try to protest that it isn't my fault, but I'm thinking it is. Yeah... So, I narrowly escaped having to take the dreaded ORS again and got stuck with eight pills a day. Can you believe it? EIGHT. Eight stinkin' pills. Not my idea of fun. The good thing is, though, my mom buys me Snack Packs to eat with my pills. Woohoo. Yeah.

Summary of my day:

Take pills, be bored, bother siblings, and....


How's it sound? BORING. So instead of boring you further, I'll end this post.

Over and Out,

Sunday, December 9, 2012

To Create A Tag....

I am creating a tag to help CNGoodhue blog.

All you have to do is tell us your top ten favorite writers. They don't have to be in order.


1. Lloyd Alexander

2. J.R.R. Tolkein

3. Wayne Thomas Batson

4. Christopher Hopper

5. D. Barkley Briggs

6. Bryan Davis

7. J. Tobias Buller

8. Donita K. Paul

9. Jill Williamson

10. All the Underground Writers

Then you you tag ten people. I'd rather tag my whole blog... So that's it, I guess.


Over and Out,

Official NaNoWriMo Post

So I've done the impossible...

I'VE WON NANOWRIOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, yes I have!

Here's my NaNoWriMo Stuff:

Woot, woot!!

The NaNo Winner,

Friday, December 7, 2012


There's nothing to blog about...

*facepalm* Nothing.

Over and out,

Thursday, December 6, 2012



At 50,359 words.

Woot, woot!!

The End,