Sunday, September 30, 2012


Greetings from Rehab Junction, Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, Africa, Earth.
I told Pathfinder I would post about Pippin(that nasty evil dog...) in my next post or so. SO, I'll post about all the dogs. Very well.....

OK. The picture speaks the truth, readers. We got Pippin for 15 USD. SO, a tiler(Someone who lays tile) handed me a dog. THE DAY AFTER OUR FIRST LIBERIAN DOG DIED. "I brought you a dog." He said. An hour later, he told my mom we had to pay 50 USD for him. We parted him with tears. The man who really owned Pippin came that night and apologized. He was actually selling Pippin for 25USD. Still a high price. We told him we'd consider. Days passed. We pressed Dad to call the man and ask to get him for 15USD. Dad finally agreed. That is how we got Pippin. And I must accompany it with a story(Yes, I know this is embarrassing for you, Pippin. I'm enjoying it).
I wrote it to be like a book story.

It was a rainy day, but despite the cold drizzle, I was sweating. Mom walked into the room, smiling. "Hey, (real name edited out and replaced)Ryebrynn, would you mind going to buy pumpkin(The Liberian name for squash)in think Masa(The wife of a man we know) has some."
"Sure. May I take Aloysius(security guard) with me?"
"You know I would say yes. Get Jake to guard while you are gone."
"OK." I waited for Mom to get out the LD(Liberian Dollar, also called Liberty). She counted out 410LD(Around 5 USD(United States Dollar)and 70 cents). I proceded to convince Jake to guard(On which he strongly refused, so I must relate the consequences of his refusal), and asked Aloysius if he'd go with me. Aloysius agreed to(LIKE ALWAYS) and we left. When I cast a glance over my shoulder, I noticed Pippin yelping suspiciously. I banished the thought from my mind(as well as his well known tendancy to tear holes in the fence) and kept walking. We walked to Zion's(Masa's husband) house/shack(Metal roofing, small wood. Not much. Dirt flooring), and as we started negotiating(You ALWAYS negotiate to a fair price). All of the sudden, a blur of white, yellow, and black fur burst from the palm trees. It growled and attacked the Red Peace(They have a long history. "It" holds grudges). "PIPPIN!!" I screamed in anger. Pippin growled as I pulled him away from Red Peace. My heart jumped in fear as the thought raced through my mind 'I could get bit'. To my right side, one man yelled about Pipping being a trouble maker. To my left, Aloysius began to tug me away. I picked up Pippin(That fat, heavy dirty dog...) and began to trudge home. Pippin squirmed and I pinched him hard. He nipped my wrist. "Deal with it, hefty(The Liberian word for "Fat, Heavy, and Healthy") dog." On the way we encountered Merry, our other dog. Merry whined pitifully and fell to the ground.
"Up, Merry." Aloysius commanded. Merry jumped up and ran in front. As we walked, I felt the burning anger rising in my throat. I felt like screaming. Eventually, I did. At Jake.
The End.

We got Merry in March or April(Heh, can't remember). He was a previous employee's dog, but when the employee evacuated our other compound, he left Merry, at that time named View. Merry, in the way he acted on a daily basis, we suspected he'd been beaten. My heart was wigth Merry(My "Ginger Bear".... Heh...), and he also was almost starved when we got him. I don't really have a story of his evilness, cause, my Ginger Bear is ALMOST perfect. He has not touched LCC, so we all adore him at the moment. :)

We got Sam after someone tried to break into our house. He's a Rhodesian Ridge Back from South Africa. Ummmmm.... And I have nothing else to say... Heh... Sorry. :)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Boys, Dogs, and..... Chickens.....

Dear faithful readers-

Still waiting for your feedback, but we have news, news named; "Life Can Change". Or, a chicken. Two of our friends, Monica and Praise, brought us a chicken. It is a full grown hen that we dubbed "Life Can Change", though we call her LCC. The first thing that happened, is:

LITTLE BOY NAMED THEO: *yell* *throws soccer ball at chicken*
CHICKEN: *loud, dignified squawk*
ALEX(MY SISTER): Theo! *throws ball to the other side of the room*
THEO: *giggles and runs to get the ball*
VRENITH(MY SISTER): *feeds chicken raw rice*
THEO: *picks up some rice and eats it*
ALEX: *laughs* Theo! You can't eat Life Can Change's rice!
THEO: *giggles and throws ball at chicken*
VRENITH: *grabs ball* Theo!
CHICKEN: *continues to eat raw rice*

Yeah. :) Theo is cute, but sometimes he bullies the dogs. He cries when I look at him. Heh. School, well.... I worked ahead for this week. There isn't much more to ramble about except that I have 30,000 words to write before October 29.
Also, I need prayer for some dogs. Lauvee(I think I might have mentioned Luavee in past blog posts) and Sheba, two puppies(also my best friends), were stolen this week. I miss them immensely, and with all seriousness, they could have been eaten. Please pray!!
And just for fun:

                                                                     Life Can Change(LCC)

Signed with a friendly smile,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey everyone!

It's been rainy(Yes, still rainy). My writing is doing awesome, absolutely awesome. I've decideed I have to finish this novel by October 29. With the time crunch, I won't be posting as much. But, sometime I might post an excerpt or two from my novel. Maybe next time I psot I'll be finished. Who knows? :) School is doing awesome.... sort of(Math is the reason for 'sort of') I''ve began reading Triss(Another Redwall book). I've begun to get ideas for my NaNoWriMo novel. The temporary title is: "The Cost of Pride". Probably choose a different one in the end(If I finish). It's about a boy named Mornah D'myar. Still wroking on the plans, but so far it's going good. It might be hard to do NaNoWriMo because I have to do it on my Kindle Fire, but, have strength and persevere, eh? I am trying to lengthen this psot and keep my posts as long as I can get them. I need advice, readers.
1. Writing
2. Everyday Life(Not much happening)
3. Animals
4. School
5. Africa
6. Etcetera(Comment, tell me what you want me to post about)

Okay, guys, I'm, counting on you.

Here's a three point exspository(?) paragraph on the disavantages(?) of writing(Isn't too good, but it'll have to do.)
"There are many disatvantages(?) of being a writer, but for now we will concentrate on three.

First, we have: 'Going deaf before you turn twenty'. This is very possible, considering most writers listen to very loud music while they write, thus they blow out their ears.

The next one we will adress is: 'Therapy at age forty'. Very possible, especially for fantasy authors, and those who allow their imaginations to run wild.

Last of all, we have 'Going blind before the ages of fifty or sixty'. Considering most writers spend countless hours before a bright computer screen(Or in my case, Kindle Fire screen).

I could list more, but I won't. "


Friday, September 21, 2012


Hey readers!

I have decided to lengthen this post and interest you, I will post an interview with four of my novel characters.
Characters: Dahdriom Divollan(Or, as he calls himself 'Dahdriom Doom'), SarahTye, Bridget Dradda, and Isaac Nimiac.
Interviewer: Where do you live?
Sarah: Terramont Castle, The Arthlynian Range, Graceland, Jaydill.
Bridget: The Dradda Family Estate, Alani, Jaydill.
Isaac: Revonne Palace, Alani, Jaydill.
Dahdriom: Currently Terramont Castle.
Interviewer: Do you have any relitaves?
Sarah: Yes. What a strange question. There's Mother, Father, Hanaia, Brooke, Reani, Esmerette, Simarri.....
Interviewer: You don't have to list them all.
Bridget: Yes.
Isaac: Duh.
Dahdriom: Well, I have Tedria, Dad, Mom, and DERRIN. I had an aunt and cousins.... but they... *sadistic, murderous smile* Passed away.
Interviewer: Yuck. Don't delve into the details, please. Do you have any kids?
Sarah: *eyes widen* Of course not!
Bridget: *gulp* You haven't read the book? *looks accusingly at Author*
Author(Me, Ryebrynn. If 'Author' is used again, it is me): Hey, if he didn't get on the Underground, that's his problem.
Isaac: Nay!
Dahdriom: What a stupid question. I'm too hard for a wife and... Ugh, kids.
Interviewer: Please, Miss Author, no side comments. Have you ever killed?
Sarah: No, and I don't want to, ever.
Bridget: Who do you think I am?
Isaac: Coooome on! Do you think the Crown Prince of Alani would kill one of his beloved subjects???
Dahdriom: Well, of course. There was the time....
Author: Sorry! *shuts Dahdriom up*
Interviewer: *disturbed*  I need a better list of questions..... Do you like kittens?
Sarah: Aw, of course. Kittens are so cute.... *smile*
Bridget: Of course! *fond smile*
Isaac: Sort of.
Dahdriom: You mean the ugly furry things with claws? Of course not!
Interviewer: Have you ever eaten Sushi?
Sarah: *clueless* What's Sushi?
Bridget: *raises eyebrow*
Isaac: Okaaaaaay....
Dahdriom: What in Jaydill is Sushi?
Interviewer: FNF(Fantasy Novel Freaks). What is your favorite season?
Sarah: I love fall and winter.
Bridget: Fall!
Isaac: Spring. Rabbits are sorta cute.
Dahdriom: I hate nature.
Interviewer: Do you want a hug?
Sarah: Not really.
Bridget: Yes. *hugs Interviewer*
Isaac: Okaaaaay....
Dahdriom: Get away from me, stalker
Author: I'm the stalker, not him.
Interviewer: Miss Author, please come here. *Author walks over*
Author: Yeah?
Interviewer: Please remove them.
Author: *grin* Yes, sir!
*Novel characters scream*

I'll leave you to contemplate(?) their fate. :)

Signed with a grin,

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We're fine! I assure you.

Hey y'all!

Not much to talk about, but I'll make this as long as I can get it. :) So as this week, Ninja caught and ate a lizard(The bloody savage) and Jake caught Malaria. Our friend, Monica, has Typhoid and I am not feeling well. Other than that, we're fine. It's been rainy(Heh. Nothing new.) and dreary.... and downright cold. My co-author story is now underway, and I'm pretty excited about that. For you who probably doesn't know, I have began a co-author novel with Warrior of Aror, a person on a forum called the Underground. We haven't chosen a name, but it's about three girls and two boys, Merry, Mara, Miradell, Sam, and Jalakin. Anyways, we're staring it up and so far it's pretty good. My novel, Freedom, I finished in July and began the sequel, The Heirs of Jaydill, in August. I am planning to do NaNoWriMo this year and hope to fit it into a tight schedule. If I can keep up my writing stamina, hopefully I'll finish. School is going AWESOME and we're slow as of the start of the week. We're quickening. Currently on music, I'm addicted to Owl City and barely listen to anything else. I now have a notebook for my novel character drawings and it is very convenient(?). I crocheted a chain longer than our house and I hope all this isn't boring you. :) I am currently reading Salamandastron(Redwall book) and High Rhulain(Redwall book). Love the books. Since, alas, I cannot make this blog psot any longer, I bid thee 'Namarie', or, farewell.

Tired and Hanging in There,

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Dear Blog Readers-
Here is a post for catching up. Sorry about not posting(before the last) since May. :) Here is what's been happening:
So, the Rainy Season has begun(A few months ago) and it rains... and rains.... and rains... and rains... ect. Most of the time I'm stuck in the house. (It's as boring as it sounds).... And thus on. We went to America for a three week period(Yes, crazy as it sounds we fit a three month furlough(?) into three weeks) and saw our friends, spent ages with the extended family.... And thus on. We returned two weeks ago and started(Yay!) SCHOOL. So far, it's proven all my books I want to read are Read Alouds and we haven't really started that. :P When we returned, our cat(The eldest of four),Ninja, went missing. A week later, she returned... And went missing again.... Yes, very, very stupid of her. Our kittens, Cess, Schnitzel, and Chai, are..... themselves(I think). Merry, Pippin, and Sam(The dogs) are absolutely delighted at our returned and are.... themselves(Again, not so sure about that). It's been fairly cool, and we are still using blankets in the morning, so good for us, eh? The food is AWESOME, like always. The ocean is wild lately so we haven't been swimming. The lagoon keeps 'busting'(Emptying into the ocean) and the brige is falling apart. No worries, we are perfectly safe.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Tide of Unmaking

Hey everyone!
I'm proud to announce that some of my favorite authors, Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, have released the last long-awaited book in their series: The Berinfell Prophecies. Yes! The Tide of Unmaking is released!! 
Oh, yes! Celebrate with me!! :)

Pleasantly written,