Sunday, May 22, 2011

Manny and Jake's Recital

Hey'a Guys! Please pray for Manny and Jake! They have a recital and have to play 'In Dreams' From LOTR! It's real hard and they're still practicing. Please pray! Thank you!

Monday, May 2, 2011

10 things about yourself. (P.S. This is a tag. I am making it from scratch)

Ok. This is the first tag I have EVER made. If it is cheesy and dorky, sorry. Here goes!
1) Your hero
My hero is J.R.R Tolkien

2) Your favorite subject in school
Mine is probably Recess, Readers, and Read aloud's.

3) Your favorite animal
Mine is the dog

4) Your favorite reptile
Mine is the dragon. Lol. XD.

5) Your number of dogs
I have two dogs. One is a puppy and the other is a sleeping ball of fur.

6) Your favorite movie(s)
Mine are LOTR and Voyage of the Dawn Treader

7) Are you an early bird or a bed bug?
I am a bed bug. *nervous smile*

8) When is your birthday?
Mine was April 27th.

9) How many bathrooms does your house have?
We have two and a half bathrooms.

10) Have you ever been to Galveston, Texas?
Yep, the Sadaar Clan has been there.

I TAG ELDRA! Hehe, payback time.